Chauvet Gobo Shot IRC LED Gobo Projector

Monograms are available with any DJ package or Reception Video Package
** Please note that a small number of function rooms are unsuitable for displaying the monogram.
If function room has no suitable surface to project your monogram and payment has been
made then full refund of monogram would be given on the night.

* only available for darkened areas or night time functions
Wedding Receptions, 21st's, Corporate events and other functions

Personalised Monogram
. Customised Monograms are available.

price includes monogram completed and projected at your night reception/function.

Basic Monogram
from my collection
projected at your night reception/function.
these are two of several available

Another option for wedding receptions:
$20 per light fully setup for the entire night

LED lights at base of walls of the reception venue.
Only available with venues with suitable wall area to place uplights to, suitable locations of powerpoints are required.
Small to very large venues can be setup with uplighting on walls pointing towards the ceiling.
Par LED Lights safely on floor and lighting up the wall. $20 for each uplight, all setup to run all night.
Price includes setup, leads etc and set to run all night on auto slow color cycle setting
(or you can have one color or set colors of your choice if you like).
Main option is on floor though stands are available to use if floor option is limited, this is no extra.
Currently 18 of these lights are available, you can choose from 1 to 18, these lights are very bright and will add color
to your venues walls throughout the night. These lights are child safe as the casing and LED's are not hot to touch.
Uplights can be setup to shine vertically or on an angle, I can determine the best line going on the layout of the venue.

4 Lights on a stand can be included if appropriate to do so due to venue configuration, no extra cost if stand is included.

Customised Orders for owners of the GoboShot Projector
(or similar lower powered LED units which take same sized gobo,
other sizes there might be an initial setup fee)
Wedding Monogram - same default style with your names and dates required, one with white
centre background, one with black centre background,
use whichever one suits better the surface projected onto for the night.
My website as seen on the above monograms will not be on yours.
Other customised monograms - a basic bold design similar to the "Club Italia Family Disco with DJ Mitch"
monogram pictured above is the same price if required.
Other customised designs possible including many corporate logos,
pricing either the same or higher depending on what is required in designing.
All customised monogram photos above I have designed, printed and projected at my functions.

Ready to put directly into projector, step by step photo guide included for GoboShot projector to install the monogram.
For the best projection contrast, lettering should be black or white with opposing background to work well.

Standard Plastic Gobo (two different copies of same design, one white centre background,
one black centre background) $50 includes postage anywhere in Australia.
Heavy Duty Plastic Gobo (two different copies of same design, one white centre background,
one black centre background) $55 includes postage anwhere in Australia.
Urgent orders can be done within 24 hours of receiving details. Australia Post Express
Post add $5 to your order if you require your order to arrive quickly,
pickup from Grovedale is also available.
When handled correctly can last in perfect condition for over 30 hours (in GoboShot),
heavy duty thicker version is available for $5 extra.
Discount for multiple orders
at once to the same address. A receipt will be printed and included with your order.
Not suitable for halogen or Followspot projectors. Recommended to use GoboShot projector (50w LED).
Preferred payment method is Bank Direct Deposit (cash if you are picking it up).

Samples are available to test with your projector.
If you have a similar or lower powered projector, I can send to you an unused wedding monogram (standard version)
for you to thoroughly test or a heavy duty version (add 50c), $1 includes postage anywhere in Australia.